Background of Technology Development

MERS Coronavirus crisis started 20th May 2015, revealed problems of our society against unexpected crisis and caused huge social and economical damages.
During this period, Government did not find out the right solution for mass infections of viruses causing the trusts for them drove people try to find out the proper solution by themselves which is meaningless.
Our society is not free from the aftereffects left by the MERS coronavirus, there are no proper ways to prevent recurrence, and there are no solutions to deal with the damage caused by the public.
Virus infections lead not only to personal misfortune but to the loss of the national economy.
Although many sectors and related industries are constantly making efforts to cope with the annual attack of new viruses, there are no clear technical measures.

Broadly speaking, we would like to take measures against coronavirus and secondary infections with our new technology in protecting our people from viruses and bacteria.