Core Technology: Air Capacitance Method

STR-Solution is the only 'atmospheric volatile space sterilizer' in Korea that releases STR sterilizing substances generated by photocatalytic oxidation
into the atmosphere and sterilizes every corner of the room.
Since more than 90% of secondary infections are caused by viruses and bacteria adsorbed on the surfaces, most of the conventional products using air suctioning method is not effective for sterilization.
STR-Solution has the ability to sterilize not only airborne viruses and bacteria but also viruses and bacteria that are adsorbed on walls, ceilings, furniture, and fixtures.

Principles and characteristics of volatile


Core Technology : STR material

OH Radical has a very short lifespan (one-millionth of a second) despite its safe and excellent sterilization effect, while inhalation has been used in conventional products.
STR-solution overcomes this disadvantage with outstanding technology and builds it into a wide range of atmospheric-volatile space sterilization systems

STR sterilizing material created by patent technology greatly strengthens safety and sterilization power
→ By establishing a 24-hour quarantine system, sterilize viruses, bacteria, and bacteria present in indoor spaces

STR-Solution vs Competitive Products

Sortation STR-SOLUTION Competitive Products
Sterilization Material STR Materials OH Radical, Plasma, UV Light
Sterilization Method “Space” Sterilization / Volatilization “Air” Sterilization / Air Suctioning Method
Sterilization Range Extensive spatial sterilization
(Prevent transmission by air and contact)
Air sterilization in confined spaces
(Only partially prevent transmissions by aerosol)
Sterilization Effects STR maximizes sterilization effects by extending lifespan of ST materials with volatilization method Part of airborne pathogens only
Safety Cytotoxicity Test by GLP certified laboratory No test reports
(Tests done by private laboratories are not acceptable)