SV Sterilizer

SV Sterilizer

Experience Technology with No Chemical,
Radiation and Permanently Remove Pet Stink
Smells and create a Safe and Refresh Environment

Introducing SV Sterilizer

STR (Sterilization Technology Revolution) is an innovative and safe technology that Permanently eliminates pet stink smells and unpleasant odor

Without chemicals or radiation , ensuring the well-being of pets and their human companions

  • Eliminate air transmitted bacteria and virus instantly within coverage.
  • Kills stinky and unpleasant smell to provide fresh breathing air for you and your love one.
  • Zero harmful substance. Means better quality air without side effect.

What does stinky smell / odour lingering in the air telling you?

Pet Odors can contribute to an unhealthy living environment, increasing the risk of food poisoning. Pesky pet odours can linger and affect the atmosphere of your home, you and your love one.

Lead to Cross Contamination

Unaddressed pet odors can lead to cross-contamination and foodborne illness

Convention Solution for Stinky Smell

Conventional air fresheners / filtered air sterilizer merely mask odors temporarily or eliminate the smell at filtration level.


Solutions by sv Sterilizer

Experiment on Pet Room Environment

Discover full coverage solution to eliminate and sterilize real time on every corner of your house. SV Sterilizer produce space sterilizing technology which reach every corner of your coverage area. The result is total and permanent removal of bacteria, virus and stinky smell in the air. Before using the SV Cross in the room , the Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (SDA) plate had visible mold srains. But after using the SV Cross, the plate became clean and free from any black spots or mold


Jason Tan


Testing Out the STR Steriliser from Korea using new revolutionary Technology , after 54 hours Fungal Bacterial growth in the control bedroom without the Sterilizer


Mrs Ang


Used to have mouth ulcers frequenlty , now seldom have this problem , even if have ulcers just go near SVS and open mouth , it will be cured within hours


Our Client



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